Viktor E. Frankl’s theory of meaning


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What carries a person throughtheir most difficult situations? What connects the search, the orientation and the design for a successful life?

The answer, the proverbial “common thread of life”, puts the theory of meaning into your hands. Founded by Viktor E. Frankl (1905-1997), it is called logotherapy and existential analysis, also known as the “Third Viennese School” of psychotherapy”. The theory of meaning offers help in existential crises, whether in personal, private, family or professional surroundings.

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At the centre of the theory of meaning is its conception of man, based on the foundation of “freedom of will – will to meaning – meaning in life”. In the question “What keeps people healthy” the answer is: strengthening the personal resources of each human being. Viktor Frankl describes the search for a meaning in life as the most intrinsic motivation of man. He thus provides an answer of timeless relevance to the most diverse questions concerning the way of life at any age and any phase. The theory of meaning provides orientation for personal attitudes and for decisions and actions in the respective concrete life situation. It is of timeless and currently highly practical relevance, whether in the area of personality, family or career.

The theory of meaning provides the scientific findings for the conditions and prerequisites that move people from their innermost being, drive them, motivate them, and keep them healthy. Frankl called meaning the primary motivation. It is the subjective meaning that a person finds in his or her actions, in the fulfillment of a task or in relation to a person.

I completed my training as a Life & Social Counselor in Logotherapy & Existential Analysis at the EALP in Graz.  Currently I am acquiring my internship certificates as a Life & Social Counselor under supervision. If you know people who, are in need oftrustworthy and professional support, be that due to personal, family or professional reasons please consider recommending my services.

Counseling within this framework is free of charge. However, I would ask you to make a generous donation according to your possibilities.

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