The competence of LEANKIN Partner

The core competency of LEANKIN Partner lies in a combination of practical experience with lean management systems in the automotive supply industry as well as their implementation in small and medium-sized companies. Depending on the scope of the project or task at hand, we cooperate with excellent network partners.

Our way of working with customers and the implementation of projects and improvements is based on professionalism and experience, initiative and participation:

“Tell me and I will forget, show me and I may remember; involve me and I will understand.”


Our Services

LEANKIN Partner provides experience and implementation in the following areas

Are you facing a staff shortage due to a sudden vacancy in a leadership position or due to an externally caused problematic situation? Are you planning a new location of your enterprise or do you need to restructure?

 In the event of unforeseen circumstances, the expertise of a flexible temporary management team enables the implementation of effective and efficient solutions for strategic as well as operative tasks.

 Management is the principal  force in any organisation. Good management ensures the effectiveness and efficiency of organisations.

Focal points of our professional expertise

We support you in international assignments in the following fields:

  • CEO plant management
  • Management support
  • Assistance with business successions
  • Realignment
  • Restructuring
  • Establishement and development of new locations
  • Outsourcing & Insourcing
  • International projekt management
  • Layout planning
  • Value stream process analyses and process planning
  • Automatisation
  • Industrialization
  • Supplier Development
  • Quality Management

Interim Management

Succesful and result-oriented through difficult times

Do you want to recognize inefficiency, optimize your workflow? Work actively with internal and cross-departmental teams on sustainable improvement of production processes and processes in the production environment?

Benefit from our experience and knowledge

  • We provide the necessary methodological knowledge and personal aspects for a successful and sustainable implementation of lean management systems.
  • We develop concepts and support you in the implementation, introduction & roll-out
  • “Leadership & Motivation in the Lean Management System”: We offer training, seminars and workshops for top management, executives at all levels, managerial staff, workers and apprentices


We inform you about our
Shopfloor Management- and Quality Management- Offers, which we adapt especially to your needs.

V. Frankl’s theory of meaning in the world of work.

  • “What keeps us healthy”?
  • Strengthening of personality and assistance in changes, crises, reorientation, decisions in personal/family, professional/business contexts.

Psychological Background

2016 – 2019 Training as psychological consultant for life and social counselingbased on the theory of meaning according to Viktor E. Frankl, at the EALP – European Academy for Logotherapy and Psychology – Graz, Austria.

Practical and scientific basics of LEANKIN

The findings of William Deming (founder of TQM – Total Quality Management), Viktor Frankl (founder of the theory of meaning) and Peter Drucker (founder of modern management theory) form the scientific and practical foundation of the Leankin method.

This is based on the knowledge of tools and methods of Lean Management and on the theory of meaning, the very motivation of human beings in their search for meaning.

In the continuity of Drucker, Fredmund Malik describes the professional framework and training of management as a profession by systematizing principles, tasks, tools and responsibility.

The will to find sense determines our lives ! Anyone who wants to motivate people and demands performance must offer opportunities for meaning.
Viktor Frankl

Growing complexity, dynamics and unpredictability require wholeness; require the mechanistic restriction of the human image to be lifted. Man is far more than “just” a bundle of reason. The “soft” factors that cannot be objectified are becoming increasingly important for the solution of complex problems.
Anna-Maria Pircher Friedrich


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